Interactive + e-Learning

Training videos have been used for decades as an attempt to quickly educate new employees.  Unfortunately, the knowledge that the employee actually retains is low.


An e-learning course is an interactive application that can run on almost any computer, obtain feedback and test results, measure comprehension, and engage your employee with audio, video, games, and other interactive elements increasing the amount of knowledge they retain.  It's important to note that an e-learning course does not necessarily replace a live instructor but rather enhances what the employee knows before he is even on the job.


We can help from the very beginning or take your script and storyboard and just handle the production side of things.  It's up to you.

Swanson Group


Client:  Swanson Group


Project:  Safety Training


Goal: Provide an online and offline training course demonstrating various saftey procedures including "lockout" and increase knowledge retention.


Role:  Assisted with initial script and storyboard.  Lead role in production, post-production, and course authoring.


View the course here.




Client: ImageStream for SOLiD Technologies USA


Project:  Online interactive courses


Goal: Provide an online training course that showcases what makes the SOLiD distributed antenna systems unique.  Course is being distributed to various wireless VARs including Sprint, ATT, and Verizon.


Role:  Produced the courses including audio and video recording, 2D and 3D animation, and course authoring.


View a short example here.


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