Live Events

You've worked weeks and months preparing for your event – but it doesn’t have to be a one day affair. By recording your event, the impact can be felt long after it's over.   Vivid Frame Media can capture your event for you to use in many different ways.


 A recording of a theater production placed on a website can be used to drive ticket sales. DVD copies provide lasting memories for the cast, crew, and their families.  Use it as a directing tool to critique actor’s performances.


If you’re holding a large company meeting that not all of your employees can attend, a recording posted to your company's website allows you to deliver a consistent message to all your employees.  We can even live stream your event to a worldwide audience.


 Theater productions. concerts, pageants, fundraisers, conferences, seminars, and training sessions are just a few of the events we can record.

Theater Production

"Annie" Montage

Theater Production

"25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee" Clip

Live Music Recording

"Esther Fredrickson"


Live Music Recording

"Mozart's Magic Flutes"


Event Services

Vivid Frame Media can work with your event coordinator to help take your event's audio/visual presentation to the next level. We can make sure the speaker is clear and easy to hear and the presentations and videos are easily seen by everyone. Your event coordinator will have one less thing to worry about so they can focus on other things.


Vivid Frame Media can provide the equipment and run their operation the day of the event.   We can help create engaging multimedia presentations and make sure all the content is consistent, informative, and easy to understand.




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