"So, what do you guys do?"


We get asked that question a lot.  We're a multimedia production company that specializes in creative video production.  Basically we love being a part of any project that has video as a component.  We love working with clients to produce a product that will hit their target audience, make them stand our from their competition, and have fun doing it.



"So, like, you do TV commercials?"


TV commercials are just a small part of what we offer.  Sometimes TV is the best way to get your message out but there are many more effective ways to get your message in front of your audience.



"What don't you guys do?"


We love pushing ourselves to learn new ways to solve our clients problems but we also love to collaborate with other people.   If we can't provide all the services you're looking for, we'll seek out the best people to work with to fill in the gaps.



"What is the production process like?"


Even though timelines for each of our products is different, the production process for each is similar.


• We'll first meet with you to discuss your ideas and goals in-depth.  Then we'll start the pre-production process:  brainstorming, writing scripts, storyboards, etc.


• We'll then present our plan to you for review.  At this point, changes can be made and more ideas submitted to fine tune the message.


• Once the plan is approved we can then move on to production.  This is where we design and build elements, film, and edit your project.


• We'll then submit a rough draft of your project to you for approval.  There is still time to make some changes at this point.  When the needed changes are made and approval given, your project is finalized and we'll help you get it implemented as soon as possible.



"I'm sold!  Now what?"


Call us!

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Vivid Frame Media created emotional videos for us and did an outstanding job.  They are professional and have a creative edge that others don't seem to have. We will use them again!



-Gary Leif

Leif Photography